Interconnection Policy

Membership is open to any registered entity across the world. This includes commercial as well as academic and research organizations.

The basic requirements to peer at AMR-IX are

  • Members should have their own AS number
  • Members should have their own portable IP address space
  • Members should organize connectivity to the peering LAN
  • Members should maintain their Whois objects and PeeringDB entry with up-to-date information

Policy Document

The IX operations are guided by the Policy Document which is the constitution of the IX. The procedures and terms outlined in the document can only be changed by a vote of members at the General Meeting. Any proposal to change the way AMR-IX operates needs to be voted on by the participant members.

Download Current Policy Document


No port fees

At this point, AMR-IX doesn't charge any port fee from its members. All expenses (hardware, IT infrastructure etc.) are covered by donations from our generous sponsors and IX members. The IX members may choose to ammend the Policy Document to reflect any changes to this policy if need be. Such a change will be open for discussion for at least three months prior to vote and all members will be notified.

Become a Member

Membership is open to any organization with an AS number and IP space. No port fees at all.