An initiative of the non-profit, AP Foundation

AMR-IX is a neutral facility for ISPs, content providers and CDNs to interconnect and exchange traffic. The goal is to improve network performance and optimize costs by keeping domestic traffic local and save costs on expensive IP transit.

AMR-IX is a layer-two Internet exchange point based in Amaravati, Andhra Pradesh, India. Currently in private beta, it serves all local and international networks including commercial service providers as well as academic and research networks.

Our Mission

Playing its role as an IXP, one of the core components of the Internet, AMR-IX intends to promote efficient exchange of packets between different networks thereby bringing down the overall costs of interconnection and improve network performance for all members. AMR-IX also intends to help the industry and academic community with training sessions in collaboration with various global organizations and vendors.

Open & Neutral

AMR-IX will maintain a neutral, robust and open peering platform for its members to facilitate cost effective exchange of packets between them. The IX will treat all its members equally irrespective of size or origin.

Become a Member

Membership is open to any organization with an AS number and IP space. No port fees at all.